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flashlab open air

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Prop stylists and technicians

There are always 2 fun attendants ready to "flashlab" your guests. We've got tons of prop and costumes suggestions for them... in the meantime, we take constant care of the prop station and make sure your guests know how to use the booth.

personalized logo

Choose from one of our in house designed logos and we will customize to your event colors 

custom logo

Each logo is custom designed to fit the look and feel of your wedding, birthday party, corporate event etc... 

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online gallery

The same as the flash drive, except we do the work of setting up a gallery for you to share with your guests.    

  • Password protected. You choose a password.

  • Available within 24 hours after your event.

  • We send you a link to download all files to your computer.

  • During event we post a sign and explain to guests how to access the gallery.

  • Guests can download images for free and post to social media, and reprint at a local printing facility.


You get to make your own gallery for sharing with your guests 

  • Custom bamboo flash drive with all digital files.

  • Handed to you directly after the event.

Vintage photo style 

FlashLab's custom created vintage photo effect. Cinematic and high contrast with a black vignette and scalloped borders. Great for vintage theme events or for those who want an added touch of old cinema and glamour. 


single/Double/Multi prints on site

Single: One printed photo of each sequence. Double: two prints for each sequence. Multi print: each person in the photo gets a printed copy.

1 shot layout photos

A great add on, each 6x4 printout has 1 large photo.  

FlashLab Hawaii Photo Booth
FlashLab Oahu Photo Booth


  • 12" x 12" High quality hard covered Album, ring binder style. Black or cream available.

  • We prepare your scrapbook pages with specialty craft paper to match you wedding logo or theme. Each page is carefully assembled to have a clean final look.

  • Unlimited pages for your guests. Each side holds two photos.

  • All pages protected with plastic sleeve and can easily be rearranged.

  • Scrapbook supplies include; quality markers, edger scissors, glue dots and sticks, washi tape, and specialty craft paper to match your wedding logo or theme.

  • Attendant helps your guests to assemble their page.

  • We hand you finished product by the end of your event!


Social Media kiosk

No more holding up the line to email the photo to yourself or to upload to social media. Our open air booth has two screens, one for photo taking, and one social media kiosk. You can instantly share your photos via, email, sms, facebook or twitter. 

  • SMS

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

backdrop choice

Coming soon

gif and mp4

Not only do you get your amazing high quality digital files but you also get a super fun GIF animation of all your photos taken

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