FlashLab Photo Booth Owners

Once upon a timeโ€ฆ  when the little girl Aerin rummaged in her costume trunk to create and perform a new character, far far away, the young boy Emili was growing up in a family of photographers, surrounded by film, lenses, lights and the unique devices created by his innovative dad.
Aerin has a background in painting and theater and Emili was already working in wedding photography at the age of 14 with the family
Those two lives ran into each other in 2007, and the coolest spark created FlashLab in 2011 by this husband and wife team.

Together they bring you a professional grade portable studio that will help to make your  event or wedding day unforgettable with crisp, vibrant, high definition photos, excellent service and the most unique, sophisticated and wacky props and costumes you can imagine! 

The passion did and does the restโ€ฆ



Flashlab adventures and events 

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